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Clark was the first forklift manufacturer to be certified as compliant with the globally recognized quality management standard ISO 9001 for all of its forklift manufacturing plants In the United States and abroad. The company has an on-going commitment towards being the top in quality in the forklift industry. Currently, there are over 250,000 Clark lift trucks in use in North America, and almost 350,000 units operating across the globe. The company also possesses one of the most extensive product lines in the industry, with five main lines of lift trucks and a wide range of types and sizes available. In addition to all of this, Clark has also created a new product development and value engineering program, in which Clark engineers and suppliers work in unison to minimize costs, improve quality, and increase efficiency in the manufacturing process, thereby increasing the overall value of all of their products.

The Forklift

Clark has developed five major lines of forklifts, including the IC Cushion, IC Pneumatic, Electric Rider, Walkies, and Narrow Aisle.

The IC Pneumatic Tire Series boasts five models, each one sold with a variety of sizes and weight capacities, leaving a total of 18 different truck options to select from. These lift trucks have weight capacities ranging from 3,000 to 18,000 pounds.

The IC Cushion Tire series includes four models. There are 12 individual trucks to choose from, all with different size options. These forklift trucks have weight capacities ranging from 3,000 to 16,500 pounds.

The Electric Rider series is the most expansive series, with nine different models, and a total of 35 individual forklift trucks to choose from. Weight lifting capabilities range greatly, from 2,500 pounds to 15,400 pounds.

There are three different models of walkies, with a total of nine individual capacities with varying size options to choose from. These are much smaller machines, with the ability to lift only 2,200 to 4,000 pounds.

The final series of forklifts are the Narrow Aisle Forklift Trucks, with three different models to choose from. This series has six different trucks, all with varying weight lifting capacities between 3,000 and 8,000 pounds.

Clark Forklift Parts

TruPar America carries a wide selection of brand new Clark replacement parts including: filters, fluids, engine components, tires, forks, chains, polyurethane tires, load wheels, transmissions, electric DC Motors, and control cards.

TruPar America also carries a full line of re-manufactured parts as well, for a discounted price. These include but are not limited to: engines, transmissions, steer axles, hydraulic components, electric DC motors, and control cards.

TruPar America will do its best to find the Clark forklift parts to match your needs!

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Clark 100172 - Washer Clark 100187 - Adj Screw Clark 100194 - Shim
100172 - Washer for Clark
Our Price: $38.81
100194 - Shim for Clark
Our Price: $0.67
Clark 100239 - Draw Key Clark 100240 - Stud Clark 100575 - Nut
100240 - Stud for Clark
Our Price: $19.40
100575 - Nut for Clark
Our Price: $1.64
Clark 100588 - Washer Clark 100667 - Oil Seal Clark 100678 - Lock
100678 - Lock for Clark
Our Price: $8.06
Clark 100725 - Oil Seal Clark 100733 - Draw Key Clark 100734 - Thrust Bearing
Clark 100737 - Shim Clark 100781 - Bushing Clark 100786 - Pin
100737 - Shim for Clark
Our Price: $1.12
100786 - Pin for Clark
Our Price: $17.91
Clark 100787 - Draw Key Clark 100788 - Thrust Bearing Clark 100835 - King Pin
Clark 100878 - Washer -brake Pin Clark 101158 - Washer Clark 101172 - Seal
101172 - Seal for Clark
Our Price: $5.07
Clark 101342 - Castle Nut Clark 101364 - Nut Clark 101397 - Gear
101364 - Nut for Clark
Our Price: $1.94
101397 - Gear for Clark
Our Price: $74.63
Clark 101398 - Gear Clark 101399 - Washer Clark 101400 - Washer
101398 - Gear for Clark
Our Price: $41.04
101399 - Washer for Clark
Our Price: $17.91
Clark 101401 - Pin Clark 101920 - Brake Shoe Anchor Pin Clark 101956 - Shim
101401 - Pin for Clark
Our Price: $29.55
101956 - Shim for Clark
Our Price: $0.90
Clark 102252 - Shim Clark 102280 - Draw Key Clark 102430 - 7/8-14 Spec Slotted Nut
102252 - Shim for Clark
Our Price: $0.30
Clark 102514 - Bushing Clark 102519 - King Pin Clark 102594 - Draw Key
Clark 102610 - Seal Clark 102979 - Hub Inner/outer Nut Clark 103166 - Tie Rod End Ball Cover
102610 - Seal for Clark
Our Price: $3.73
Clark 103198 - Flange Clark 103228 - Tie Rod End Clark 103236 - Bolt
103198 - Flange for Clark
Our Price: $85.07
103236 - Bolt for Clark
Our Price: $13.43
Clark 103405 - Tie Rod Rh End Clark 103406 - Tie Rod Lh End Clark 103884 - Ring
103884 - Ring for Clark
Our Price: $0.90

Clark Forklift Parts For Sale

Our inventory includes a full line of Clark forklift parts for all Clark lift models. The searchable catalog provided here includes both new and used Clark parts, easy to find for you and ready to ship from us. The Clark lift parts on our site include photos, specs and prices. Sort our Clark forklift parts by availability, price, title and availability. Our selection of Clark forklift parts includes:
* Hydraulics
* Drivetrain
* Casters
* Steering Parts
* Seats
* Safety & Accessories
* Ignition
* Hoses & Coupling
* Fuses
* Fuel Parts
* Engines & Engine Parts
* Batter Parts & Accessories
* Chains
* Brushes
* Electrical Parts
* Electric Motors