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Forklift hoses and coupling act as connectors that keep the different parts of a system working together and connected to other systems. A coupling is a device that connects two shafts together in order to transmit power. By joining two shafts together with a coupling, some misalignment or end movement is allowed. A hose, on the other hand, is a hollow tube that allows fluid to flow from one area to another. Hoses are sometimes referred to as pipes although a pipe generally means a stiff, rigid tube while a hose is considered to possess flexibility.

There are many types of coupling, depending upon the type of connection necessary between the shafts. For precise alignments and a secure connection rigid coupling is preferred in order to maximize performance and lengthen the machine's life. Flexible coupling is used when two shafts have a slight radial, axial or angular misalignment of up to 3��.

To have a good coupling setup, the coupling must:

  • Be easy to connect and disconnect
  • Allow some misalignment between the two shaft rotation axes
  • Minimize the misalignment during operation
  • Not have projecting parts
  • Use the manufacturer's alignment target values

A hose is usually cylindrical and the major factors that should be considered when using a hose are size, weight, length, pressure rating, chemical compatibility and shape (straight or coiled). Hoses are crafted from various different materials such as nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC or rubber, both synthetic and natural.

Hoses are used to transfer water, liquids, and other gases. In forklifts, hoses are used to transport fuel, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid. Clamps, spigots, flanges and nozzles are used to control the flow or speed of fluid.

Although these parts may seem insignificant and small, choosing the correct forklift hoses and coupling, will ensure the smooth operation of the truck's major components.