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Shop our extensive inventory to find quality Cushman aftermarket parts. We guarantee that our Cushman parts meet or exceed OEM quality guidelines. It’s easy to browse our online Cushman parts catalog to find parts for your golf cart, scooter, or tugger. TruPar.com has a dedicated customer service team to help you find the parts you need. All you need to know is your Cushman model number to get started!

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We have the highest quality parts for your Cushman equipment so that you can perform the maintenance you need. We have a huge inventory, and TruPar.com will do its best to find the Cushman parts to match your needs! TruPar.com also carries a full line of remanufactured products as well, for a discounted price. Click here to shop for parts for your Cushman.

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Are you tired of shopping around for your Cushman burden carrier? Parts are easy to order on TruPar.com. Parts that are in stock will ship out same day. We offer the quickest service from looking at parts on our online catalog to delivery to your door! Don’t see the part that you need? Our customer service team would love to help you track it down by searching in a Cushman Forklift Manual.

For Cushman Equipment, our customer service team may have access to the following information:

  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Cushman Service Manual
  • Cushman Parts Manual
  • Parts Breakdowns
  • Pictures (for reference only)

If you do not know your part numbers, that is okay! TruPar.com has a dedicated customer service team to help you find the parts you need. All you need to know is your model number to get started! We stock parts for all models of Cushman products from the Minute Miser to the Titan. Our dedicated customer service team will work with you to source the parts you need, we can even source hard to find parts that other suppliers can’t. Please click the button below for help getting part numbers for your equipment.

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TruPar.com offers competitive prices - our parts meet or exceed OEM specifications at a fraction of the cost. We provide the very best value in the materials handling industry for parts. Save by buying Cushman parts from TruPar.com today!

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TruPar.com ships direct from 9 warehouses in the United States and Canada for quick delivery or pickup. View our locations here. In-stock items ship out same day so that you get your parts fast! More information about shipping here.

Cushman History

Cushman was started in 1901 by two cousins building two-cycle boat engines and farm machinery in Lincoln, Nebraska. Cushman now boasts one of the most varied lines of utility vehicles, spanning countless industries. From it’s humble beginnings, Cushman has witnessed two world wars, and provided equipment to the Navy, Army and Air Force for both. They provided two and four horsepower engines, cream separators, wood saws, and even washing machines.

In 1950, Cushman expanded their plants impressively. They started using an assembly line, and produced over 10,000 Cushman scooters each year (in addition to air and water cooled engines). By the 1960s, Cushman was manufacturing 3-wheeled and 4-wheeled industrial and commercial vehicles. Cushman has a commitment to building ecologically efficient vehicles, and their vehicles are typically quiet, electrically powered, and energy-efficient.

Cushman has well known models such as the Titan, Minute Miser, Tug, Stock Chase. They have also introduced heavy-duty utility vehicles such as the Hauler 4x4 diesel and gas, which have quickly become leaders in their class. Cushman vehicles are manufactured in Augusta, Georgia. Cushman’s motto is “Let’s Work.”

Cushman Models

We carry parts for all Cushman models, including those listed below. If you have your exact model number on hand but do not have a part number, that's fine! Click the large blue button that says "Submit Parts Research" to reach out to one of our dedicated customer service team.

  • Cushman burden carrier parts
  • Cushman tugger parts
  • Cushman truckster parts
  • Cushman trackster parts
  • Cushman commercial vehicles
  • Cushman custom vehicles
  • Cushman golf cart parts
  • Cushman Titan parts
  • Cushman Minute Miser parts
  • Cushman eagle parts
  • Cushman utility vehicle parts
  • Cushman personnel carrier parts
  • Cushman hauler parts
  • Cushman mower parts
  • Cushman haulster parts
  • Cushman frontline mower parts
  • Many more!