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3005027 3005027 Potentiometer
Our Price: $25.37
3005034 3005034 Potentiometer
Our Price: $58.70
3005059 3005059 #2 Thyristor
Our Price: $177.31
3005060 3005060 Diode
Our Price: $128.95
3005064 3005064 Thyristor
Our Price: $77.21
3006957 3006957 Scr
Our Price: $211.27
3006962 3006962 Potentiometer
Our Price: $47.24
3007134 3007134 Relay
Our Price: $79.82
3007149 3007149 Diode
Our Price: $7.81
3008792 3008792 Rectifier
Our Price: $211.27
3012776 3012776 Switch
Our Price: $38.61
3018206 3018206 Relay
Our Price: $31.61
3026968 3026968 Potentiometer
Our Price: $31.61
3033862 3033862 Transistor
Our Price: $41.84
3034569 3034569 Potentiometer
Our Price: $51.21
3035277 3035277 Potentiometer
Our Price: $43.37
3035338 3035338 Potentiometer
Our Price: $82.23
3037236 3037236 Potentiometer
Our Price: $66.04
3039469 3039469 Horn Relay
Our Price: $25.37

You need forklift electrical parts to get your truck started because without the battery, the forklift truck won't run. The battery supplies the electricity necessary to start the engine of an I-C forklift or the motor of an electric truck. The electrical flow process in a forklift requires much more than just a lot of wiring and several switches.

Batteries are part of a starting system consisting of electric starter motors and starter solenoids. When you turn the key, the battery provides the motor with the power necessary to spin the engine, creating the necessary combustion. The starter must have enough power to spin a cold engine and overcome the internal friction of piston rings, the compression pressure of cylinders and provide enough energy to open and close valves. To handle all this energy, solenoids act like electronic switches to power the motor. In order to make sure the motor runs at the desired speed, the system includes motor speed controllers.

The starter motor also powers an alternator, connected to the engine by a belt, which recharges the battery. This enables the battery to continue supplying electricity to other components like lights, control panels and electrohydraulic parts. Control units such as voltage regulators are included as part of the alternator in order to keep a constant voltage at the battery terminals. Diodes or rectifiers convert the alternator's alternating current into direct current while slip rings and brushes conduct the current to the rotor field winding. Ground straps allow the voltage regulator to decide how much voltage the battery needs at any given time.

The forklift's electrical system works in conjunction with the ignition system. Therefor, if any electrical parts fail to work properly, the truck may not start or may stop functioning altogether. By making sure that your forklift electrical parts are always in good working order, you can make sure that the truck is ready to use when you need it.