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Depending on what type of power a lift truck uses, it can require different forklift ignition parts. Forklifts with internal combustion engines may be fueled by gasoline, diesel or propane, each of which has different requirements for its ignition system.

An ignition system is a method of igniting a mixture of fuel and air. For gasoline-powered engines, a spark-ignition system is used. The fuel is mixed with air and compressed, then ignited through a series of small explosions or combustions caused by sparks from spark plugs. A diesel engine does not have spark plugs because it does not use sparks to ignite. Instead, air is compressed before the fuel is introduced, which heats up the air and the fuel ignites once it is injected. Propane-powered forklifts use an ignition system similar to gasoline-powered trucks.

The main parts of a spark-ignition system inslude an ignition coil, spark plugs, a distributor, wires, and leads.

The ignition coil is basically a tiny, high-voltage transformer with primary and secondary coils. Current produced by the battery flows through the primary coil. When the current is suddenly interrupted, it creates a magnetic field in the secondary coil which subsequently produces up to 100,000 volts of current that is then delivered to the distributor.

The distributor, which serves many purposes, distributes this high voltage from the ignition coil to the correct engine cylinder. It mainly consists of: distributor caps, cams and rotors, condensers, breaker points and high-voltage wires.

With diesel engines, the fuel is injected directly into the chamber. The very complicated injector in a diesel engine is capable of withstanding the high temperature and pressure that exists inside a cylinder. Diesel engines sometimes use glow plugs to heat the combustion chambers when the engine is cold.

Regular maintenance of Ignition systems in forklifts is needed to ensure that engines start quickly and smoothly. The correct forklift ignition parts are essential in making sure that your forklift truck is ready to go when you are.