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Forklift Drivetrain Parts Keep The Wheels Turning

To keep the wheels of your lift truck spinning as they should, you need good forklift drivetrain parts. The drivetrain refers to the engine, transmission and driveshaft of the truck. The engine creates energy and transfers it to the transmission through the flywheel. The energy is then converted to torque and is transmitted via the driveshaft through the differential which causes the wheels to turn.

The main components of the drivetrain, therefore, are the transmission, driveshaft and differential together with the rear axles and the steer axles to which the wheels are attached. Transmissions make use of a system of gears to convert the engine's energy into torque. One of these systems is known as planetary gearing which uses one or more outer gears revolving around a central gear. Compared with the gearbox of parallel axis gears, planetaries are more compact and transmit power more efficiently.

The main job of the differential is to transfer the power from the driveshaft to the wheels. Because the driveshaft rotates on one axis and the wheels on another, a differential, located at the rear axle, takes the movement from the horizontal axis of the shaft and applies it to the vertical axes of the wheels.

The drivetrain has many moving parts and uses an extensive system of gears. Proper lubrication of the gears and moving parts is important in order to minimize friction and therefore avoid damage to any of the components. Steer axle pivots and kingpins carry the weight of the counterbalance and can wear out quickly if not adequately lubricated. Failure to properly maintain the lift truck's drivetrain can result in serious issues such as leaks, shifting problems, and even a lift truck breakdown.

Drivetrain parts can be expensive, but through regular maintenance of these parts, you will be able to keep your lift truck in tip top shape and avoid any unnecessary hassles that come from broken drivetrain parts.