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Shop our extensive inventory to find quality aftermarket Yale forklift parts. We guarantee that our Yale lift truck parts meet or exceed OEM quality guidelines. It’s easy to browse our online Yale forklift parts catalog to find parts for your equipment. TruPar.com has a dedicated customer service team to help you find the parts you need. All you need to know is your Yale forklift model number to get started! Buy Yale lift truck parts from TruPar.com today!

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We have the highest quality parts for your Yale forklift so that you can perform the maintenance you need. We have a huge inventory, and TruPar.com will do its best to find the Yale fork lift parts to match your needs! TruPar.com also carries a full line of remanufactured products as well, for a discounted price. Click here to shop for parts for your Yale forklift.

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Are you tired of shopping around for your Yale lift truck? Parts are easy to order on TruPar.com. Parts that are in stock will ship out same day. We offer the quickest service from looking at parts on our online catalog to delivery to your door! Don’t see the part that you need? Our customer service team would love to help you track it down.

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If you do not know your part numbers, that is okay! TruPar.com has a dedicated customer service team to help you find the parts you need. All you need to know is your Yale forklift model number to get started! We stock parts for all models of Yale forklifts from the NR035D reach truck to the high capacity GP280DP. Our dedicated customer service team will work with you to source the parts you need, we can even source hard to find parts that other suppliers can’t. Please click the button below for help getting Yale part numbers for your lift.

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TruPar.com offers competitive prices - our parts meet or exceed OEM specifications at a fraction of the cost. We provide the very best value in the materials handling industry for parts. Save by buying Yale forklift parts from TruPar.com today!

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TruPar.com ships direct from 9 warehouses all over North America for quick delivery or pickup. View our locations here. In-stock items ship out same day so that you get your Yale parts fast! More information about shipping here.

Yale Forklift History

Yale Forklift Company’s motto is “People, Products, Productivity.” The company has over 150 years of experience in providing quality and reliable lift trucks. Together with the sister company Hyster, Yale has led the market worldwide. Both brands have been leaders in the materials handling industry, and continue to deliver a large range of industrial products. Yale has over 12 manufacturing facilities on 5 continents.

Yale was founded in Connecticut in 1844 by Linus Yale Jr. and Henry R Towne. Linus Yale Jr. had risen to fame after inventing the pin-tumbler cylinder lock. Linus Yale Jr. and Henry R Towne founded Yale Lock Manufacturing Company in order to manufacture the lock. The company was renamed Yale and Towne Manufacturing Co. shortly after as they expanded into the materials handling industry. Yale acquired C. W. Hunt in the 1920s, which produced the first battery-powered low-lift platform truck, or the first “forklift.”

The company began to produce lift trucks and introduced tilting masts and forks in models such as the K20-K24. Yale also grew overseas, working with England, and acquiring some smaller companies in Germany and Japan. Some innovations that led to Yale’s success were power steering, caster steering, center-control trucks, and the use of insulation. Yale fork lift parts have been a staple for anyone who has a Yale lift truck and needs to make a lasting repair quickly.

In the mid 20th century, Yale started to produce not only electric but also gas, LP gas, and diesel powered fork lift trucks. Today, Yale has a very large range of machines which boast outstanding productivity rates in the industry. Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. is the fourth largest forklift producer in the world and the largest in America. Yale lift trucks have a smart design, durability and reliable performance, and solid construction.

Yale Forklifts & Truck Models

We carry forklift parts for many Yale models, including those listed below. If you have your exact model number on hand but do not have a part number, that's fine! Click the large blue button that says "Submit Parts Research" to reach out to one of our dedicated customer service team.

  • Yale Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklift Trucks
  • Yale Internal Combustion Cushion Tire Forklift Trucks
  • Yale High Capacity Pneumatic Tire Forklift Trucks
  • Yale 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Trucks
  • Yale 4-Wheel Electric Forklift Trucks
  • Yale Cushion Tire Electric Forklift Trucks
  • Yale 4-Wheel Electric Pneumatic Tire Forklift Trucks
  • Yale Reach Stacker Pallet Trucks
  • Yale Counter-Balanced Stackers
  • Yale Straddle Stackers
  • Yale Motorized Hand Trucks
  • Yale End Rider Pallet Trucks
  • Yale Center Rider Pallet Trucks
  • Yale Low-Level Order Picker Pallet Trucks
  • Yale Tow Tractor Trucks
  • Yale Very Narrow Aisle Trucks
  • Yale Order Selector Trucks
  • Yale Reach Trucks
  • Many more!